New Born Baby Potatoes!

Well, this is a new one by me.  Whilst out to dinner my Daughter’s Wife to Be had some New Potatoes and she quite naturally said ‘I love New Born Baby Potatoes’.  Me and my Daughter just cracked up.  Did you ever hear of such as thing?  She won’t have it though, this is definitely what they are called because apparently they are New Born Baby Potatoes .  Bless her. Talking of New Born Baby Potatoes I had some Home Grown ones last night.  Oh my goodness, they are so creamy and delicious, I never wanted them to end – Little Fatso!  I also have some Wild Strawberries in the back garden, these taste absolutely wonderful, like ten Strawberries in one tiny little berry.

Well life goes on as it does, not only am I co-plotting with the Ex-Hulk I have also had to move back into the house until it sells.  Guess what? On the day I moved back in we got an offer!  Weird an weirder spending six months away from the Ex-Hulk and then coming back to all the doom and gloom of a broken relationship.  I get to see my Pooches every day which they are  most happy about, I get to sleep in  my own bed in the spare room and I get to clean up after the Ex-Hulk – Such Fun – Not!  Anyway the sale is going through and now all I have to do is find somewhere to rent with my Pooches – Mission Impossible and I am not kidding!  May have to move into the office!

The plot is coming along lovely.  I have worked hard to get it tip top.  At the moment I only have Potatoes – Pink Fir Apple and Marfona, Peas, French Beans and Onions growing.  I have some soft Fruit growing too.  Bit sad really but I am hoping to get some Carrots and Beetroot in this weekend.  Oh and I am growing some Mustard, Rocket and Wasabi Rocket at home.  The Wasabi Rocket packs a punch – I was disappointed at first until I realised I had picked the wrong leaves!   I have been focusing on getting the beds ready for my Son’s Wedding flowers, this looms ever closer and I feel I am doomed to fail.  I planted some lovely Sunflowers at the weekend, late I grant you but the Slugs have nipped most the tops off.  Gits – in two days!  I can imagine them chatting away to each other:  ‘Oh how very kind of her to offer us such a delicacy’!  I have so many flowers at the moment but they will all be over by the 1st September.  As for the outfit, don’t even go there!  Shopping got cancelled due to ill health.  The dress I have for the festival is going to be too big as I have lost about three stone in weight – Slightly delighted but also like ‘Hey what is going on here’! Face wrinkles are increasing with weight lost, definitely going to have to invest in some hard-core polyfiller.

The 200 Birdwatching has come to a bit of standstill.  I think I need to go abroad or at least about an hour away from home.  The Baby Blue Tits have fledged from the garden, I counted seven that flew from the tree out the back.  At the plot I saw a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and then a Greater Spotted Woodpecker with a Baby Blue Tit in its beak, then I saw it again with another one.   Nature is a bit sad and beautiful at the same time.  Weird and wonderful.

As you can see I have a lot of Bee Friendly Flowers and a stroppy Boxer!  She seems to be in a constant strop, I think she believes she should be constantly walked….Bless her little cottons. 



Office – Plot – Office – Plot

Well, didn’t we have some glorious weather last week.  I left work and went straight to the plot, office clothes and all.  Put my anorak (anorak what a classic word) on to save my clothes and sunburn!  Not so good this week though……Never mind hopefully that isn’t the summer been and gone!

So, I have been plotting away next to the Ex Hulk.  Bit odd I must admit but around others he acts perfectly normal.  Anyhow, my plot is coming along, the spuds and onions are in but the Wedding Flowers, Oh my goodness I am so behind.  The problem is the same old: time and space.  I live in a flat at the moment with no greenhouse, garden or space to grow.  However, I have some seedlings in my bathroom but am yet to sow any seeds!  Shock horror.  I have been a bit of a Wally and I have got my seedlings mixed up.  Good old google and plant knowledge have helped me here…….I think.  At my old house there is a little plastic greenhouse that I am going to steal!  Well, The Hulk has two poly tunnels.  I am sure he can spare it.

The flat I live in is on a farm and to my delight I am greeted by a little Lambkin every day.  Her Mother rejected her so she is being hand reared.  Gosh, she is adorable.  bounding round the yard.  It makes your heart melt.  Bless.

I actually do not like Rhubarb but when I see it some odd obsession comes over me that I must A.  Pick it.  B.  Share it and finally C.  Actually cook some for me.  I have to confess the last lot went to waste.  Last night, I did in fact cook it with demerara sugar and then I put honey over it.  I love honey so it was a hit and one of my five a day along with the fruits in a red wine and some home grown rocket.  Nothing finer than fresh leaves grown by your true self.  I am actually growing the leaves for Spencer (My Canary) but it is good to share.  Now, there is another story.  Me and good old singey songey Spencer have had a visitor in the shape of a Mouse.  It has been waking me up at all hours and I have actually seen it sitting in his seed dish munching away.  I purchased a humane trap because obviously I don’t want to kill it and it probably isn’t healthy for Spence.  Spence seems happy enough though and you can hear him as soon as you enter the area to my flat entrance.  Spence is my fond name for him, when I cannot hear the telly its Spencerrrrrrrrr!  Anyway said Mouse did no more than jump up and over the trap.  I saw said Mouse do it.  I had my Grandkids at the weekend and my eldest who is only into phones etc piped up with ‘Nanny why don’t you put the trap where the Mouse is getting in ?’!  LOL.  I felt so ridiculous but guess what?  Mouse no more!

I have weeded the Wedding patch and need more space.  I have some self-seeded ‘Love in a Mist’ in there and some Larkspurs so I do not want to dig them up as they will be stronger plants.  It is my intention to go to the plot at the weekend and clear some more dead space to allow for the sowing of the plants whose seeds I haven’t sown! And as for the Wedding outfits.  God only knows.  I have one frock that I fell in love with, this has daisies and cornflowers on it, which would be good for the festival part if it wasn’t just above the knee.  At my age wellies and an above the knee dress isn’t going to work especially as there will be tippsiness!  As for the ceremony dress, all the dresses at the moment are Spring dresses.  The wedding is at the end of August.  The festival is a couple of days after, we could have marvellous weather but it is so unpredictable.  So the stress of nothing to wear and no seeds sown are not good medicine for the Mother of the Groom.

As well as space needed for the Wedding flowers, I also need space to grow crops.  My plot before The Split from the Ex Hulk was mainly flowers, with a Dahlia patch, a Praire patch, a Wildlife pond and an old fashioned Rose bed.  I also have a wonderful Cherry Tree and some soft fruit bushes.  However, I want to grow Peas, Kale, Broad Beans, Beetroot and Carrots. Therefore, I am going to have to do some jiggery pokery and make space!  I cannot face shop produce as it really doesn’t taste the same, will have to continue with the likes of Red Wine to get part of my five a day.  I just realised that the Blueberry bushes and Medlar tree are on The Hulk’s patch….More stealing…..I helped plant and care for them.

I believe that gardening is good for your mental health an excellent escape from this hideous world we live in.  People might be able to take lives and make rules that we all do not agree with but no one can take Spring and gardening away from a person if they so desire.  Remember guys and girls life is what you make it, get out there and get some dirt in your nails!  Just remember to clean them before work!

I have been to the woods to see the wild flowers and to a garden to see the Tulips.  Truly lovely.  Bird watching has come to a standstill I am 62 species, need 200!  I saw two Swifts or Swallows at the weekend but it was such a quick glimpse, they just flew over my head so I am not sure which they were……Very annoying!  No chance.  Lili decided to take a dip in the pond!  Bougainvillea is coming on a treat, hoping it flowers.  My Living Stone has had babies!  There is a lovely wild Violet growing by my pond.  I love Spring!






TLC needed for old plot

Hello there fellow Gardeners……..  Fabulouso to see the lovely Monty back on TV last night……..Hoping that the BBC dont axe the show, its bad enough waiting for it to come back on after the Winter!  Gardening does not stop in Winter – Perhaps we should start a petition for an all year round Gardener’s World!  Need a Monty fix, my hero!

Well, yet again my circumstances have changed so I have made the decision to take my old plot back.  Oh my goodness, what a mess it is!  I am not sure how this is going to pan out as the Ex Hulk has the plot above me and the plot to the side of me – big fun considering he is not speaking to me.  He also has the poly tunnel – might have to nip in a steal some tomatoes LOL!

Anyhow, needs must and I need to garden.  I have quite a small plot which has previously been used mostly for flowers BUT I need to grow some produce so I can actually taste the vegetables that I eat!  I have purchased some seed potates, these are chitting away at my flat.  I have some Broad Bean seeds and red onions to plant.  However, I am tasked with the madness of the weather and the state of my plot.

I have also been tasked with growing some wild flowers for my Son’s Festival wedding in September.  The horror of this is almost too much……what if I fail ???? Year in year out I grow bouquets of flowers and usually have too many for the house, but these are not grown to order, are grown for fun, they are not wild and were to keep indoors pretty as well as to give to my lovely pals.  This is a whole new experience and I am worried that I will let them down.  Wild flowers will only grow where they are happy and probably not on my plot.  I am thinking Cornflowers and Cosmos plus a few others but obvioulsy the weather and time of year will have an impact.  Then, I have the problem of what to wear on top of this!  There will be a ceremony in the week and a festival at the weekend – Credit card here I come!

At least Spring has sprung on my plot.  Rhubarb looks good too:-



I have recently gone back to doing a bit of twitching.  Us bird watchers are seen as some sort of strange person as Bill Bailey said in jest ‘ Socially awkard people’.  This is not true, although everyone thinks it, my children mock me, I get looks when out alone without a dog – god forbid and a pair of binoculars!  What a weirdo!  But I love it.  I recently went to Brighton Pier and saw my first Starling Murmuration, it was truly amazing:-


A few shots of the snow:-


Keep planting guys!

Rude with a capital R

Well this blog is not about gardening at all.  I am going to rant.

My week started with an elderley client being quite rude and hurtful to me over the course of two weeks during telephone conversations.  When I answered the phone and he said his name my heart sank as I thought:  I cannot cope with this anymore, I am actually going to cry, I cannot help you anymore, I know you are unwell but this behaviour towards me is getting me down.  On several occasions last week this particular client reduced me to tears and although I know I have done everything I can to help him and it is not my fault, it has got me down a lot.

Then, first thing on Tuesday morning we had a problem of stock not being correct at a merchants.  The company that this was ordered by did not open until 9.00am so naturally I called the ’emergency’ number so that our employee could get on with their job.  Oh my f****** god.   The person that answered the phone might as well of got me round the neck and throttled me, he was absolutely livid that I called the ’emergency’ line because it was not an emergency – apparently!  He went ballistic at me, shouting and  boiling in a very bad temper.  I obvioulsy am not allowed to answer back as he is a client so i Just said ‘Thank you for your help’ and put the phone down.  He called me straight back and went doubley ballistic at me, saying ‘ how dare you put the phone down on him’, Dont you ever put the phone down on me again, do you hear me’, ‘dont you ever, ever call this emergency number again’.  He kept repeating himself.  I have never in all my life been shouted at like that by anyone.  In the end I said ‘Have a nice day’ and put the phone down.  I cried a lot that day, he made me feel so worthless and annoyed all at the same time, I was only trying to do my job after all.  A lady called from the company and apoligsed on his behalf and said he would call and apologise……He never called and apologised because he wants an apology from me for putting the phone down!  How arrogant is that????????  I am not a personal punchbag for these people to pick on.  I am just the unforutnate person on the other end of the phone taking all the grief.

I can honselty say that to date that is the worst week I have ever had at work.  As mentioned nobody has ever shouted at me like that before and it wasnt even anything really to be shouted at.  What a controlling bully.

Furthermore, I went to shops after work on Friday and I went out of my way to let people pass, they just look at you like you are no-one and that you must move out of their way because they are so very important.  Then I had to get a bus yesterday to get my car from the town centre.  So, I gave the driver my money, went to get the ticket and apparently there is a knack to ripping it off, so he said really crossly ‘No, not like that pull it to the right’.  He was the first person I spoke to yesterday he was instantly mardy when I got on a said ‘Morning’.  Charming.  Shop staff are getting very rude too.

What is wrong with all the RUDE people with a capital R.  What has happened to manners and being decent!  RUDE

Single plotting!

Hey, well I have been totally slack this year with my blogging.  The thing is……The Hulk turned out not to be my Knight in Shining Armour (14 years to discover this!).  So, I left him.  Dogs, the plot, the lot.  I miss my dogs so much – access is granted when I ask.   (Not allowed at my new place 😢) ,

The great news is my Landlord has given me a plot of land to grow on.  I have such plans for this.  I am surrounded by countryside, horses, chickens, peace and quiet, but above all freedom to be who I want to be.

The only problem with my new  life:  I have a lot of digging to do but I’ve made a start! As you can see from the pictures.

I have picked up my old hobby of birdwatching and am loving it. Birds eye view out of my window:-


Beautiful babies:-


Keep plotting 😊


26 Mile hike later!

Well I only went and bloody did it.  OH MY GOSH, it was sooooooo blooming hard, the heat was intense for England.  Like a prize berk I purchased some ‘memory foam’ trainers – yes trainers and my god have I suffered.  Only now, some two weeks later have I been able to wear office shoes without too much pain!  My big toes are blue with bruises as is one of my heels,  (the bruise is the size of a satsuma) I have not even been out with the pooches.

We started off so well, almost power walking, my Daughter walked for McMillan Cancer alongside me.  Dead proud of her, my Kiki.  We were doing really well or so we thought and then the tiredness started to kick in plus the aches and pains associated with walking so far and I have Fibromyalgia so the pain was quite intense but we battled on.  I actually thought once or twice that we would have to pull out, we kept ploughing on encouraging each other.  The rest stops were most welcome but we were too scared to stop for too long.  We finally crossed the finish line some 12 hours and 3 minutes later in the dark, only stopping for rests for about 1.5 hours in total, we were truly exhausted but as we got to the end I felt an urge to run and beat my Daughter, so we ran to the end – I won!  It was so painful we were both screaming and shouting as we ran to the finish line – we must of looked like crazy fools!

The Hulk had to come and pick us up, I could hardly move and it was difficult getting in to the car.  We had a 1.5 hour drive home so by the time we tried to get out we had both seized up, we were like old ladies, I actually couldn’t move my legs or get up the four steps into the garden, I had to raise my legs using my hands and hoist them up, once indoors I had to go up the stairs backwards! As you can imagine The Hulk found all this highly amusing, especially when we both shuffled over the main road.

I am still suffering now and I am a little short on my target, but hopefully the money raised will help a child or children somewhere to have a chance in life, the chance that some children do not get, the chance to be free and just be a child.

Please help:-


Second Half Challenge
26/08 21:06 : I am a Finisher !! I have just finished in position 65, in 12:03:28. – Visit to learn more…

Finish Line





National Society For The PREVENTION of CRUELTY to CHILDREN.

Hello, you guys, long time no see.  I have been busy plotting and driving over the olive trees again, such a wonderful time had!  Back to reality two weeks ago! With a bloody bang.  I would be a rich woman if I earned a £1.00 for every time an English person said to me ‘ you did not need to go on holiday, there has been a heat wave here!’.  Oh lovely just what I need in a glass fronted office for eight hours a day….do I need to say anymore!

I signed up to a 26 mile hike in November 2016 and never had time to do the ‘Just giving’ page, scary!  How can we not have time in this crazy world??  I  have until 17.07.17 to raise £137.50 PLEASE HELP!



Poly tunnel planted.

The Hulk is amazingly happy at the moment with the goings on at the plot, almost everywhere is spick and span in preparation for our road trip to the lower Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain next Saturday (Can’t blooming wait, two years without this wonderful place).  The poly tunnel has been harvested of its fantastic Winter Onion crop, although I goofed the Red Onion crop because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Red Onion I crammed in too many and failed to follow direct Hulk instructions – Whoops!  However, this has resulted in a considerable amount of thinning out (yummers) and far smaller onions than the White Onions!  Damn it.  One is a greedy cow.

Over the last couple of weeks the poly tunnel has been planted by The Hulk (far too hot in there for me) with numerous varieties of Tomatoes, Chillies and Peppers along with Aubergines, Sweetcorn, Basil and Spaghetti Squash.  The Spaghetti Squash does somewhat take over, but the yields are far more impressive than if it is grown outside.

We are off plotting today and tomorrow with some final tidying and planting by me.  My cutting patch is doing well although no one told me that Nigella and Love in a Mist are the same plant……I felt foolish but how would I know?  I got the packets at separate times so at least that is in my favour!  At Least I will have lovely ornamental heads in the Autumn!  I have Larkspur, Gypsophilia, Canterbury Bells, Fox Gloves and Cosmos all grown from seed.

We harvested our first New Potatoes last week along with some Broad Beans……note to self (or ask The Hulk!) make Potato and Broad Bean Salad!  Truly delicious.

This year we have invested in a heavy duty wire fence to try and keep the Bloody Badgers out of the Sweetcorn.  Financially we have nothing to gain with the cost of the fence because we could probably buy twice what we will reap!  However, taste wise it will be worth it and the fence should last a few years.  The Hulk has mulched with grass clipping to help keep the ground moist.  ‘You got ought moist’!

I did not know you could get Yellow Peonies – didn’t actually believe it would be yellow as I got it from a car boot last year for £4.00!  What a bargain, it has a delightful fragrance too.

Pooches are still mental, Lili is getting more crazy – worse than a naughty six year old child!  And soooooooooo sulky!  Takes after The Hulk haha.



It is that mental time of year again when every single spare moment is taken up by plotting.  Weed this, weed that, plant this, sow that.  The Hulk is in a medium to good mood with his plotting, with good progress made this weekend.  Made even happier by my decision not to have any more space in the poly tunnel this year.  So I have five foot and The Hulk has 25 foot!

After about five years of growing Kale we discovered that unbeknown to each other our favourite Kale is the same one, we both thought the other didn’t like it!  Red Russain Kale is the best, it almost tastes nutty.  I thought The Hulk liked the dark purple one which I find a little bland.  Kale crisps are delicious.  They last yonks and taste yummy.  We grew the Kale in the poly tunnel over the winter, along with some red and white onions.  Fabulouso return on both crops.  The onions store well and will be lifted next week to make way for the Chilli plants, the Kale was taken out this weekend and replaced with six varieties of Tomatoes………think we might be giving a few away!  Spaghetti Squash grow well in the poly tunnel, they seems to like the heat and in comparison to an outside plant in the same year, they were three times as big.  Butternuts didn’t fair well in the poly tunnel.  Sweetcorn are slightly bigger when grown in the poly tunnel but the mice ate it last year!  The Badgers ate the outside crop too!   We have a new stock fence outside for the Sweetcorn patch, we shall see if that keeps the Badger out and the humans!

The plot is full of wildlife.  Last weekend I saw a yellow spider!  I see so much: bugs, bees, frogs, Newts, a Dormouse, moths, Coal Tits, Blue Tits, Robins, lovely butterflies too.  We have a bird bath which is a massive hit with the Magpies but yesterday we watched in amazement as a Bullfinch flew down and had a drink.  The week before that a Green Woodpecker stopped off for a drink.  Lovely to see when you are having a cuppa on the plot.

We are going on a road trip in about 25 days so I have had to plant out my Sweet Peas and Cosmos early because I want them established before we go.  Little worried as it is so cold at night still and in the day there is an awful chill.  Still wearing thermals!

Stuck in the sand!

I would not normally blog about this kind of thing but this was absolutely hilarious.  We took the in-laws, their dog and our two dogs down to the beach last weekend.

We were all having a  nice time mulling along, the dogs were going mental especially Lili, then suddenly Lili and Fudge sunk in the sand, they scrambled to get out and were ok.  The Hulk being The Hulk continued to ‘walk’ across the same patch of the beach.  Oh my goodness, I looked up to see The Hulk fall forward onto his knees into the sinking sand and in the next second Bill (The Hulk’s Dad) fell backwards on his bum.  I was in absolute bits ( I know, I know, I know it can be serious….) but it was the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time.  Naturally I went and helped Bill and bugger me if I didn’t get stuck! Trouble is I was laughing so much I could not pull myself out so Bill had to help me.  How we laughed!

As you can imagine we were all in a state, the dogs, even my car.  I took it to Tescos  for valeting and when I got back the girl said to me ‘We only did the outside, it is too dirty inside, we need more money’ & then overcharged me for only cleaning the outside!