National Society For The PREVENTION of CRUELTY to CHILDREN.

Hello, you guys, long time no see.  I have been busy plotting and driving over the olive trees again, such a wonderful time had!  Back to reality two weeks ago! With a bloody bang.  I would be a rich woman if I earned a £1.00 for every time an English person said to me ‘ you did not need to go on holiday, there has been a heat wave here!’.  Oh lovely just what I need in a glass fronted office for eight hours a day….do I need to say anymore!

I signed up to a 26 mile hike in November 2016 and never had time to do the ‘Just giving’ page, scary!  How can we not have time in this crazy world??  I  have until 17.07.17 to raise £137.50 PLEASE HELP!




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