Poly tunnel planted.

The Hulk is amazingly happy at the moment with the goings on at the plot, almost everywhere is spick and span in preparation for our road trip to the lower Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain next Saturday (Can’t blooming wait, two years without this wonderful place).  The poly tunnel has been harvested of its fantastic Winter Onion crop, although I goofed the Red Onion crop because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Red Onion I crammed in too many and failed to follow direct Hulk instructions – Whoops!  However, this has resulted in a considerable amount of thinning out (yummers) and far smaller onions than the White Onions!  Damn it.  One is a greedy cow.

Over the last couple of weeks the poly tunnel has been planted by The Hulk (far too hot in there for me) with numerous varieties of Tomatoes, Chillies and Peppers along with Aubergines, Sweetcorn, Basil and Spaghetti Squash.  The Spaghetti Squash does somewhat take over, but the yields are far more impressive than if it is grown outside.

We are off plotting today and tomorrow with some final tidying and planting by me.  My cutting patch is doing well although no one told me that Nigella and Love in a Mist are the same plant……I felt foolish but how would I know?  I got the packets at separate times so at least that is in my favour!  At Least I will have lovely ornamental heads in the Autumn!  I have Larkspur, Gypsophilia, Canterbury Bells, Fox Gloves and Cosmos all grown from seed.

We harvested our first New Potatoes last week along with some Broad Beans……note to self (or ask The Hulk!) make Potato and Broad Bean Salad!  Truly delicious.

This year we have invested in a heavy duty wire fence to try and keep the Bloody Badgers out of the Sweetcorn.  Financially we have nothing to gain with the cost of the fence because we could probably buy twice what we will reap!  However, taste wise it will be worth it and the fence should last a few years.  The Hulk has mulched with grass clipping to help keep the ground moist.  ‘You got ought moist’!

I did not know you could get Yellow Peonies – didn’t actually believe it would be yellow as I got it from a car boot last year for £4.00!  What a bargain, it has a delightful fragrance too.

Pooches are still mental, Lili is getting more crazy – worse than a naughty six year old child!  And soooooooooo sulky!  Takes after The Hulk haha.



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