It is that mental time of year again when every single spare moment is taken up by plotting.  Weed this, weed that, plant this, sow that.  The Hulk is in a medium to good mood with his plotting, with good progress made this weekend.  Made even happier by my decision not to have any more space in the poly tunnel this year.  So I have five foot and The Hulk has 25 foot!

After about five years of growing Kale we discovered that unbeknown to each other our favourite Kale is the same one, we both thought the other didn’t like it!  Red Russain Kale is the best, it almost tastes nutty.  I thought The Hulk liked the dark purple one which I find a little bland.  Kale crisps are delicious.  They last yonks and taste yummy.  We grew the Kale in the poly tunnel over the winter, along with some red and white onions.  Fabulouso return on both crops.  The onions store well and will be lifted next week to make way for the Chilli plants, the Kale was taken out this weekend and replaced with six varieties of Tomatoes………think we might be giving a few away!  Spaghetti Squash grow well in the poly tunnel, they seems to like the heat and in comparison to an outside plant in the same year, they were three times as big.  Butternuts didn’t fair well in the poly tunnel.  Sweetcorn are slightly bigger when grown in the poly tunnel but the mice ate it last year!  The Badgers ate the outside crop too!   We have a new stock fence outside for the Sweetcorn patch, we shall see if that keeps the Badger out and the humans!

The plot is full of wildlife.  Last weekend I saw a yellow spider!  I see so much: bugs, bees, frogs, Newts, a Dormouse, moths, Coal Tits, Blue Tits, Robins, lovely butterflies too.  We have a bird bath which is a massive hit with the Magpies but yesterday we watched in amazement as a Bullfinch flew down and had a drink.  The week before that a Green Woodpecker stopped off for a drink.  Lovely to see when you are having a cuppa on the plot.

We are going on a road trip in about 25 days so I have had to plant out my Sweet Peas and Cosmos early because I want them established before we go.  Little worried as it is so cold at night still and in the day there is an awful chill.  Still wearing thermals!


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