Stuck in the sand!

I would not normally blog about this kind of thing but this was absolutely hilarious.  We took the in-laws, their dog and our two dogs down to the beach last weekend.

We were all having a  nice time mulling along, the dogs were going mental especially Lili, then suddenly Lili and Fudge sunk in the sand, they scrambled to get out and were ok.  The Hulk being The Hulk continued to ‘walk’ across the same patch of the beach.  Oh my goodness, I looked up to see The Hulk fall forward onto his knees into the sinking sand and in the next second Bill (The Hulk’s Dad) fell backwards on his bum.  I was in absolute bits ( I know, I know, I know it can be serious….) but it was the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time.  Naturally I went and helped Bill and bugger me if I didn’t get stuck! Trouble is I was laughing so much I could not pull myself out so Bill had to help me.  How we laughed!

As you can imagine we were all in a state, the dogs, even my car.  I took it to Tescos  for valeting and when I got back the girl said to me ‘We only did the outside, it is too dirty inside, we need more money’ & then overcharged me for only cleaning the outside!



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