Sticky Plot

Well today we finally got to the plot – once we had got rid of the lovely grandkids (evil Nanny!) and it was too wet to weed.  My goodness what on earth are we supposed to do???? It is so frustrating!  Did manage a little but it was tough going and not much fun at all.  The Hulk was not impressed at all but he cleared some brambles, so felt a bit manly after that.

Spring has sprung!  the frog spawn has hatched and we have little tadpoles swimming around.  We have newts too, so it is good to see that some spawn has hatched – not sure if that is the right word – hey ho it will do.

We had a seed planting fest last weekend.  I got to use my new propagator, unfortunately I did not notice the Cosmos seedlings straight away, some germinated within three days (bit leggy) – viable home taken seed!  We love our own ‘home grown’ seed.  It some how seems more satisfying.   Chitting our tatties too.

We had our first rhubarb harvest last weekend along with a harvest of kale, baby leeks & Christmas potatoes grown in pots – a little late but so tasty, baby roast leeks (Baby roast leek sounds far better than ‘our leeks did not grow this year’) are delicious.  Amazing that no matter what you can always take a harvest from your plot.  Admittedly giant mustard and roast leeks do not go well together!  But self seeded mustard on a cheese sandwich is yummers.

Happy plotting!



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