Pruned and frozen!

Last weekend we went to plot and pruned the apple tree, medlar tree and the blackcurrant bushes.  In the hope of a good harvest this year.  It was absolutely freezing, even The Manly Hulk was cold!  We didn’t use that many of the cooking apples unfortunately, but we used all the medlars (for wine!) and most of blackcurrants for jam. (freeze well and the stalks rub off easier when frozen – Tip from Alys Fowler’s book, try baking her lavender biscuits they are amazing)  I would say homemade blackcurrant jam is the best jam ever, its so ‘fruity’ and doesn’t taste of only sugar.  We have made medlar jelly before but you do not get a very good yield, it is tasty but we agree they are better used for wine making, this is tasty (Oh Denzel Washington!) and quite strong, excellent served chilled.

The poly tunnel is still providing produce, we have a fair amount of mustard which has self-seeded in there.  It is so delicious and nice to taste something so allotmenty.  We are growing onions in there again,  as they were fantastic last year and even kept well after harvest…..sometimes The Hulk has a good idea!

The rhubarb is growing lovely and I am determined to use more this year instead of leaving it to go limp (haha oh so rude).  We also have some ‘Christmas’  potatoes, they are so creamy and allotmenty.  I love allotment food, I can’t wait for the Summer being able to pick and eat tomatoes off the plant (when The Hulks not looking – else I get told off!!!).  They aren’t as warm in the poly  tunnel as the green house, love a nice warm sunshined tomato. Perhaps I should grow my own under glass just for me to eat on sunny lovely warm days – in England – well occasionally.

We had a bit of snow today, but it was soon replaced by sleet and has gone now.  Managed to get up the plot with the dogs, it does look nice in the snow.

OOOOoooohhhhh I nearly forgot, I have my very OWN heated propagator!  How exciting, no fights over the little seed trays anymore.


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