Basil – no not Brush, Basil seedlings!


Plot, plot, plot….too cold?  The Hulk is at work on a blooming Saturday.  First seedlings of the year:  Basil:-

Tumble dryer coming in useful – instead of being in the bloody way!  I made an amazing Basil Pesto last year, it was so easy.  I replaced the pine nuts with walnuts and pestoed away.  I also used Kale instead of Basil.  So easy and so tasty.

Last year we purchased a dehydrator, what an amazing thing this is.  We have Plum Leathers and Kale Crisps in storage.  We’ve eaten Courgette Crisps (What a load of old baloney that is in the news, shortage!  If it is not in season we don’t generally (unless grown in the UK) buy it, why buy something that takes three days to get here!)  We also dried chillies and have Lemon Chilli powder, Bangalore Torpedo powder and the Bhut very hot (for The Hulk) powder.  We went to Gardener’s World in 2015 where we got a Bangalore Torpedo plant, we harvested the seeds and grew the plants this year, they are a fantastic cropper with a nice heat flavour.  They are the long thin red ones in the bottom row of pictures in the middle.  Yummers!

We spent quite a bit of time plotting last year as you can see from some of the pictures below:-

The poly tunnel was very productive and as usual we had far too much of everything, we did give some produce away.  At the moment we have self-seeded Mustard, Kale, Chard, White Onions and Red Onions.  The Hulk grew the Onions in the poly tunnel last winter and we had an awesome crop, looking good this year also.

Hoping for another productive year…………


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