So many chillies

Hello there, long time no blog…..slaving looking after the Hulk!

What an odd year it has been, we have new chillie flowers in the poly tunnel and some tiny chillies that are growing very slowly.  We have an awesome crop of self seeded Nasturtiums (from the most pathetic plant). We got a fair crop of Sweet Potatoes but didn’t really make the money back, the slips cost £20.  We will grow slips from the crop and hope for the best.  We have numerous chillies growing,  I took some seeds from a plant I got at Gardeners World in 2015, they are called Bangalore Torpedo.  They are just the right heat for me, a nice heat that doesn’t rip the skin out of your mouth.  We also have a Lemon Chillie which has been grown from our own seed for about four years.  They are nice too, if you don’t use too many.  A few years ago I made a chutney and put 40 in, I don’t know why 40 but my god it’s hot and it has matured with age and got much hotter….unlike the Hulk 🙊.   I have grown white beetroot, the slugs don’t seem to like this one & the chutney is yummy.  We have had oodles of the usual crops too.  We got a dehydrator in the summer, we have fruit leathers, chillie powder, courgette crisps, kale crisps and more chillie powder! It was about £60 from Amazon but you need the tray inserts as well for fruit leathers.  I think the kale crisps are my favourite and maybe the plum leathers.

My flower patches have given me months of cut flowers, in fact it was only last weekend that I didn’t come home with a bunch, house looks glum.  Outside doesn’t though Autumn is so pretty, lovely when it’s  cold and crisp….  when it stops raining!!



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