First cucumber 😝


Well what can I say ? 2 mouthfuls (1 for The Hulk) of yummy fresh picked cucumber….fingers crossed for more and not the same flop as the Asparagus.

We were delighted to get bucketfuls  of rain on Sunday and spent a good few hours planting up the poly tunnel, yes I was actually allowed to plant some sweetcorn, onions and chillies.  We are only planting 7 sweetcorns in the tunnel just to compare size and taste with the outdoor ones, the same with the onions.  We grew a fantastic crop of white onions in the tunnel over the winter, some of the best we have grown. Oh I also planted 2 spaghetti squash plants, these romped away last year (romped lol) and we had huge squashes, so big I physically cannot cut them in half!  The Hulk planted a lot of Sweet Potato plants, hoping to get a good harvest this year. A harvest of anything but weeds would be super.

The Hulk saw somewhere a brilliant watering tip, which we both now use. Dig your hole to twice the size you need, place the plant in the hole making sure it is level with the ground, fill with water, wait for it to drain away and fill again. Once drained, back fill with the soil.  This is great, I planted some romanesco cauliflowers a few weeks ago and haven’t had to water them again – although it might be slightly different if we were actually having a summer, but this really does reduce the watering.  Big hole digging is a bit of an issue on our plot because The Hulk says the holes that I dig are girl holes and they need to be bigger, time to bite ones tongue and not tell him to do it himself!

We also use straw in the tunnel to help keep the ground moist (moist  haha) and to help out with the watering during the week.

Roll on the weekend for more plotting come rain or shine! The Hulk is wearing a newly purchased cowboy hat….I am not playing Cowboys and Indians at the plot!






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