This is what I think The Hulk suffers from! He plods around all week moping like he has withdrawal sypmtoms from plotting. Β He works very hard in he week but he is super fed up if he can’t get up the plot, heaven forbid if I mention the words DIY 😝

Well the Asparagus harvest has ended with one harvest, so my dancing lady celebration was a bit over the top. It was delicious though.

We plot on and on with weeding and planting, so much to go in at the minute. Yesterday I planted some romensco cauliflowers that I grew from seed, they are fandabybloodydozey, be yummy too.

We have sweetcorn to plant today, along with kale, red cabbage and some dahlias – for my patch you understand – yes we still have flower rules, although last night The Hulk did ask me what I was doing with three nasturtiums, as he wants to plant them in with his runners, blooming cheek!




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