Tatties planted




Finally planted the spuds at the weekend. The Hulk has been very mardy due to…wait there is a list:-

  1. No time
  2. Ground on plot not weeded, cleared or dug
  3. Too wet
  4. No time
  5. No time!

But this weekend he Hulked it up and thanks to an allotment friend who lent him his mean rotavator, he got it done.  We put comfrey and homemade compost in the ditch & The Hulk left me to back fill and tamp down ( he went and helped the association out on a work party).  I was a bit knackered to say in the least but it will be worth it.  We have a salad potato but for a change my memory isn’t serving me well & I cannot remember what they are! Pink fur & marfona as a main crop, these two are our all time favs and never disappoint.

We even managed to clear my cutting patch which had started to resemble a couch grass patch, being a Hulk he had to have a fire on it.


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