Bumper harvest

Well, it is that time of year again when all your hard work pays off and you get a bumper harvest, if you can beat the thieves and the slugs!  Then, when you finally have it all what on earth do you do with it?

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We have a ‘cook up’ which is a basically a stir fry of allotment produce it is yum yum yummy, even add potato to it. along with spices and Garam Masala (none in cupboard apparently, trip by the Husband to the corner shop.  They had none so off to Asda he went, guess what there it is in spice cupboard!  Man look point proved)  Meal below is our first ‘home grown’ roast of the year apart from the Lamb.  Not such a good year for carrots but they are packed with flavour.

20150809_20185820150718_132536 20150718_132447 20150815_18282920150815_182823

20150718_132304 20150809_193951

We have had a lot of our soft fruit stolen this year, all the Gooseberries and a lot of the Blackcurrants & some Redcurrants.  They also kindly picked our whole Broad Bean crop but forgot to leave them for us, do you know they didn’t even leave one pod the thieving B*******!  If ever we catch them I think we will both want to punch them, The Husband may turn into the Incredible Hulk like creature I have witnessed of late….we can only hope we do catch them, otherwise maybe next year we could coat everything in a natural laxative!  Lowest of the low these people are.

I have grown some amazing Beetroot after a few problems at first, made a batch of chutney, more to do.  The Sweetcorn is nearly ready.

It is competition day on Saturday so we have been tending all our crops with extra care.  If someone steals my Beetroot before the show, I might turn into the She Devil!  I also have flowers to enter.  We will enter a tray of produce and then the usual three best of toms, pots, beets etc.  The weather forecast is good at the moment.  Tomorrow, I will make Blackcurrant and Rosemary Cheesecake and some Lavender biscuits, there is a little garden party afterwards so we all take food, drink and a raffle prize.  Everything is crossed.

20150815_183024 20150815_182843 20150815_182805 20150815_182802 20150815_182225 20150815_182219 20150815_182212 20150815_181743 20150815_181732 20150815_181703 20150815_181659 20150815_183027   20150815_183102

I have five working days left in my dead end job, can’t wait to tell a certain someone what I think.  A week later, we are off on a rrrrooooaaadddd trip to Southern Spain, same place we have been to for about four years, so peaceful in the mountains on a hammock.  LOVE IT.  The Husband is not Hulk like on holiday he goes back to the charmer he was when I met him.

Next blog….what to do with all those tomatoes ?????




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