Jim Buttress….a True Gent

Yes, we met the main man of the ‘allotment challenge’ at Gardener’s World Live in June.  Jim, greeted us as he walked by, I asked if I could shake his hand, he obliged and said I like your hat!  We then chatted to Jim for a few minutes.  Nice men are hard to come by, he is a true gent and was so lovely to us, as though we knew him, so thank you Jim for being a ‘person’ and not a ‘celebrity’.  You are a star.

True gent

True gent

20150614_150412 20150614_14543220150614_184205

20150614_102440 20150614_100104 20150614_094412 20150614_094336 20150614_094002 20150614_093931

20150613_174140 20150613_174131 20150613_172724

20150613_113816 20150613_113801 20150613_095048

Well, I can only apologise for my non blogging, where to begin….

House move!!!

No internet for five weeks – we HATE Sky, they allowed the lady that purchased our property to completely cancel our internet and phone line, the day BEFORE we moved out and she still hasn’t moved in!!!!!  This resulted in us being unable to change or do anything, we are now with BT.  Downside is we missed the last few episodes of Game of Thrones ssshhhhhh – box set we await.

Busy plot time – the week after we moved in, I hardly recognised The Husband, once he got to the plot he was like a man gone mad.  The plot was a tad untidy admittedly, but he was like the Incredible Hulk but in an extremely worse bad mood than the IH, bit scary.  Not too bad now, he is only behaving like that when he has run out of alcohol.

What else has happened?  I have made Elderflower cordial (god damn delicious) & some Redcurrant Jelly also delicious because it was made with my fair hands!

I have resigned from my dead end job, giving nine weeks notice to account for the nine years of dead endness, back stabbing and lying!  My last day is on the 28.08.15, cannot wait to get out of there and work for my Son!  6 weeks and 2 days to go….not counting!

We are off on a road trip to Southern Spain on the 4th September for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!!!! GET IN, not excited at all.

We are harvesting:  New Potatoes, Broad Beans, Kohl Rabi, Beetroot, Kale, Garlic, Mustard – self seeded!, Green Gooseberries – very small amount due to the thieving B******* again, red and white currants, Blueberries, Mange tout & Cabbage…..oh and now the newly ripened Red Goosgogs have been stolen aaaaarrrgggghhhhh.

The plotment goings on in pictures:-

20150624_202453 20150624_202924 20150624_202911 20150624_202905 20150624_202847 20150624_202806 20150624_202757 20150624_202746 20150624_202740 20150624_202728 20150624_202710 20150624_202604 20150624_202553 20150624_202549 20150624_202537 20150624_202531 20150624_202526 20150624_202513 20150624_202506 20150624_20245820150624_203148 20150624_203354 20150624_203314 20150624_203258 20150624_203250 20150624_203221 20150624_203212


The hat & celebrating 7 years of wedded gloom!!

The hat & celebrating 7 years of wedded gloom!!

20150704_183252 20150704_170832  20150704_161528 20150704_161245  20150704_15065720150704_161224

My allotment flowers

20150705_122013 20150705_121549 20150705_121522 20150705_121423 20150705_121354 20150705_121343 20150705_121334 20150705_121257 20150705_121243 20150705_121237 20150705_121230 20150705_121220

20150705_122024 20150705_122243 20150705_122233 20150705_122218 20150705_122047

20150706_141315 20150706_204915 20150706_204905 20150706_143400 20150706_143355

The plotment a few weeks on:-

20150712_124457 20150712_124508 20150712_131310 20150712_131301 20150712_124651 20150712_124646 20150712_124631 20150712_124628 20150712_124620 20150712_124603 20150712_124557 20150712_124548 20150712_124536 20150712_124531 20150712_124524 20150712_124519 20150712_124508


Taller than me!  It isn't hard believe me....

Taller than me! It isn’t hard believe me….


I have stolen the word plotment from an allotment neighbour, it just makes me smile.

I will be back…..







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