I am allowed 10ft out of 60ft…

….poly tunnel space!  Originally The husband only offered 5ft, I mean what can you plant in 5ft ?  So, I worded it well and conned another 5ft out of him, with a ‘NO MORE’ added to the end of his agreement.

I watched the ‘Great British Garden Revival’ last Autumn (I think).  I decided to buy some greenhouse Carnations.  I purchased these as tiny plugs, bit of a cheat I know.  They were delivered in March & potted on.  Last weekend I planted them in the poly tunnel:-

20150509_124948 20150509_124156 20150509_124146 20150509_124142 20150509_122932 20150509_122921 20150509_122911 20150509_122856 20150509_122846 20150509_122835 20150509_122808 20150509_122758 20150509_115308 20150509_115302 20150509_115253 20150503_144941


I also got a geranium ‘Lord Bute’:-

20150509_124220 20150509_12423120150513_195414


I have also grown Cosmos (from my own seed), Larkspur, Sunflowers, Cornflowers, Dahlias, Ammi Majus and Sweet Peas, all from seed no cheating here.  The Husband has dug, slaved, sweated and swore a bit but I now have a cutting patch almost ready for planting….just need him to get off his lazy bum and rotavate it!!!

20150426_100128[1] 20150426_165836[1] 20150426_165740[1] 20150426_145859[1] 20150426_145850[1]

The few straggly tomatoes that did not die have started to recover and look like they might actually produce a tomato or two!

The Sweetcorn has been chitted:-


The Husband potted it on & put the 90 (yes 90!) pots on the decking.  The Magpies decided to tuck in whilst we were at work.  The  rescued pots have now been taken up to the allotment and are safe in the glass greenhouse – we hope!


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