Death in the poly tunnel!

Well, what can I say ‘Death in the Poly Tunnel’!!!!  Lovingly grown tomatoes sown by The Husband – DEAD!

This is very true.  We are moving house so we have decided that we will now grow all things ‘on’ at the allotment, hopefully this should be easier, not so, apparently.  The tomatoes were in the poly tunnel for two days before they were murdered by the extreme heat of the day and the cold temperatures of the night!  As soon as The Husband put them in the tunnel we had marvellous hot days followed by a dramatic change in temperature at night.  Honestly, you could not write this, lol.

It was my responsibility on THAT Wednesday to go and water the poly tunnel after work.  I was so scared when I saw the tomatoes that I took pictures so that The Husband couldn’t accuse me of killing them with ‘Death by too much water’ :-



The thing is, we almost have a rule – you don’t water mine and I won’t water yours!  However, work and other commitments sometimes get in the way so we both have to ‘allow’ the other one to help…this is VERY difficult!

Thankfully due to an old school allotmenteer we have been saved, & have managed to purchase some Italian tomato plants for 50p each (50p!!!)  these are doing very well….at the moment!

Watch this space for the tomato diary, the poly tunnel (10 ft that I am allowed out of 60ft poly tunnel) inspired ‘Great British Garden Revival planting’ & our attempt to get the plot tip top in time to plant…..HELP!



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