Best kept plot all year round!!!

Yes, that is us out of around 142 plots, we take a bow.  Worth all the bad weather gardening to hear a committee member at the AGM describing a plot and thinking ‘wow that sounds just like our plot’.

Long time no blog, life is manic: work, dogs, seeds, plot, feeding The Husband the list goes on & the feeding!  There have been some alterations at the plot, levelling, digging, weeding, spud, pea, carrot, beetroot and broad bean planting, willow weaving, grass cutting, poly tunnel tidying and cleaning (The Husband has developed an unhealthy obsession with keeping the poly tunnel plastic clean, admittedly it does make a difference – if only he cleaned the house with such care and enthusiasm)

Finally, after last year’s animal thief we have three small asparagus shoots – slightly concerned as to why there are only three, when our lovely neighbour has masses of shoots up to 30cm tall.  It is from the same batch of asparagus!

Latest harvest / crops:-

20150415_192117 20150329_10131420150329_10151620150329_101506 20150314_171937 20150314_171649

Own saved cosmos seed sharing:-


Willow coppice:-

20150314_112454  20150329_143906 20150329_143912 20150403_095822 20150403_095842

Potato planting:-

20150403_11235320150403_104232 20150403_104238 20150403_10520820150403_12275820150403_16045020150403_17352820150403_17350920150403_17353420150403_17353920150412_11480620150412_10362720150412_120657


20150322_132335 20150322_132414 20150322_132405 20150322_132401 20150322_13234120150329_101433 20150412_131514 20150412_131507 20150404_160611 20150404_124141 20150404_12412720150412_13151420150412_13150720150404_162758

New boots (not for gardening unfortunately!):-

20150329_212709 20150329_212609

Pretties on the plot:-

20150419_131855 20150412_121959 20150329_101242 20150322_15200020150419_13184920150419_131901

My Slave:-


We are the champions!


Until next time……….



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