Not enough hours in the day!!!

My word, I am back to ‘normal’ well The Husband might dispute that and say I was never normal!  All systems go, back to work fulltime and back to gardening as much as possible.

A few weeks ago we cleared out the wildlife pond, this was a little later than it should have been but it was prompted by a huge clump of frog spawn.  We found loads of mini beasts and some Dragon Fly Larvae which are quite pretty for a creepy crawly slimey thingy.  The pond is in its second year and only cost £20.00 for the liner.  Last year we took frog spawn from the wildlife pond at home, but this year we have frog spawn at the allotment and none at home – how very odd maybe they saw us stealing it!


We left all the debris from the bottom of the pond on the side of the pond for a week to let all the little beasts crawl out.  My mini beast rescued two Dragon Fly Larvaes from one of the clumps, he then put the clumps in the compost, hopefully minus any other creepies.

Job well done, settling nicely and very clear now.

As I say ‘not enough hours in the day’ we are challenged by this every weekend.  We are selling and buying houses so life is pretty hectic.  Despite this we remain dedicated and even planted our first tomato & chilli seeds on Tuesday night after work (Late as usual).  The Husband actually allowed me to plant my first tomato seeds – not a job I am usually allowed to do!  Hopefully they will germinate otherwise it will confirm his suspicion that I cannot grow ‘his’ seeds!

20150310_202746 20150310_205623 20150310_205636



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