Petals on the hearth….

This began yesterday a whole twelve days after The Husband gave me the ‘load of old b******* if you ask me’ Valentine Lilies from Aldis.  The Husband has made a complaint that my blogs are making him out to be an ogre, along with suggesting that the flowers sounded worse because they were from Aldis.  The lilies were amazing for vase life and fragrance, far better than any I have been given from the other supermarket giants.   The thing is The Husband did make the comment (he still stands by this comment!) after doing his duty on Valentines Day but I wouldn’t necessarily say he is an ogre – just a grumpy old git!

I am going to take this opportunity to thank my Lovely Husband for looking after me for the past three months from 03.12.15 until 25.02.15.  This involved travelling to a hospital 45 minutes away from home for three days, feeding me, the washing, the housework, walking the dogs, some shopping, being a chauffeur, working full time and commuting for 2.5 hours a day, wiping my tears away – there were lots (half way through I had a really bad spell & felt awful, I cried at everything) & for sticking with me for ‘better or worse’ ‘in sickness & in health’.  A man true to his vows and a man that I Love Dearly.

Thank you Grumpy xxxx




wedding temp




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