Tatties chitting

Well it is that time again, when my kitchen starts to be full of gardening thingys.  We have quite a few varieties of potatoes chitting at the moment, mainly purchased from a local garden centre where you can ‘pick your own’.  Such fun.


We grow Pink Fir Apple from our own harvested seed potatoes and have done for many years now, they are a good cropper and we have never had any problems with these, not even slug damage – obviously we are doomed now because I have said this! I wasn’t too keen at first because they are a ‘dry’ potato, but with a good dollop of gravy they become very moreish.  I think it is better not to peel them because they are such a faff, these also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and cause me more childish amusement.

The Husband also grew some Oca last year, they are the tiny ones above.  They were not very successful and are similar to Pink Fir Apple but with a bit more taste.

We recently sold our house, the people wanted to come round and view it again on Saturday.  I was a bit worried about what they would think of the chitting potatoes – probably that we are wierdos – well The Husband is but I am not!  Anyway, they came in with loads of questions about the house and I completely forgot to explain why they were there.  The Husband thinks it is obvious, maybe to a Gardener but to a non-gardener I bet they were baffled!

Well The Husband was his usual grumpy self on Valentines Day.  He managed to actually say it under his breath and gave me a bunch of lilies from Aldi!  They smell wonderful.  He thinks Valentines is a load of rubbish.  He gave me the flowers, I said thank you and as he walked away, he said ‘Its a load of old bollocks if you ask me!’  Charmed I am sure!

We went to the plot on Sunday, it was a beautiful day.  I sat and read and watched the birds from the decking.  It was so peaceful, out the corner of my eye I could see all the work I need to do but I choose not to look too much and enjoy the peace, I even nodded off for a spell in the poly tunnel.  Oh bum, just looked at the calendar the 25.02.15 is a Wednesday and I will be at work!  It was my intention to garden on ‘my three month after operation anniversary date’!

It is gorgeous again today, too nice to be anywhere but at the plot!






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