Spectacular Compost Bins………

This was The Husbands definition of his newly erected (LOL) compost bin.  Spectacular ?  A compost bin, surely not.  This spectacular statement was then followed by ‘pretty damn impressive, if you ask me’.  This bin has taken The Husband several weeks to complete due to work commitments, looking after me (why, thank you kind sir) & the continuous bad weather.  All the wood is recycled from the bins The Husband built in 2006 (new posts only) & here we have it the 1st complete spectacular compost bin:-



It was actually a sunny day on Saturday, so I went and sat in the poly tunnel and read for a while (still recovering).  It was 16 degrees and pleasant to be in there.  Bit different from last week.  We had some Soup & Ginger Cake for afters.

We got a very wet and muddy harvest of Parsnips and a few carrots.  The parsnips are really good and quite rude (much amusement for me), still usable just need some bits (hmmm) cutting off.  I have been watching ‘The Big Allotment Challenge’.  It isn’t very ‘Big’ or a ‘challenge’ is it really?  They got a piece of flat dug land ready to plant.  I suppose the challenge is in the growing but it is not true to form.  When we got our plot, it was a completely empty field full of couch grass.  The Husband introduced me to the world of stripping grass, I was not impressed.  The photographs below were taken in June 2006, we actually took the plot on in April 2006 & started work immediately, in the wind and rain!  Unfortunately, technology decided that it wouldn’t allow us to keep our very first photographs – the computer crashed and we lost everything!



The shed was recycled and given to us by The Father-in-Law, amazingly this shed still stands in the far corner of a plot in our field.  I say still stands it seems to be more of lean, but recycled five times in all.  Our first allotment shed, makes me smile inside.

Back to The Big Allotment Challenge, I enjoy the flower arranging but think that the plant pot task last week was a bit difficult as were the seven identical tomatoes.  It is bad enough trying to find three on our competition day.  The cooking challenge is great for produce ideas, I have made the parsnip crisps.  They are so delicious and very moreish but do not help my weebleness! They need to be paper thin and kept in an air tight container…not left on the plate overnight like I did.  Div!







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