Happy as a pig in S***


So the saying goes, that was The Husband last Saturday.  His favourite place in the world his plot & now he has a precious poly tunnel there is no stopping him.  I thought (silly me) because it was so cold and raining we would just do a quick harvest and dash back home back into the warmth but oh no, not The Husband, he was doing a day no matter what.  (I usually share this passion but I am banned until March, so all I want to do is stay warm and eat – oooooooeeeeeee more weeble!)

His handy work paid off & he had a super duper time.  I, on the other hand got soaked to skin walking from the car.  I took a blanket with me to sit in the poly tunnel but I was so cold I went home.

We have a crop of Mizuna and Kohl Rabi on the other side of the tunnel this is doing quite well.

I think he may regret pulling such a ridiculous face….I have put this on my phone, so when he calls me I can be reminded how lovely he is!!! That is his morning face on a good day.

We found a frog or is it a toad, The Husband has explained this to me several times.  I think a toad has rough skin but I am not about to touch one, so how would I know it had rough skin!  Anyway The Husband hid it away so it could carry on hibernating.  No harm done.

20150117_12422620150117_124238 20150117_12425220150117_13244120150117_15080120150117_15102620150117_15103120150117_13034420150117_13135420150117_150708-1-1

I did have a look around the plot and saw evidence of Spring arriving in the shape of a Crocus, Fox Tail Lilies (this is a very tall cottage garden type flower, not edible, but I do grow a lot of flowers), Elephant Garlic & Rhubarb.  The Broad Beans are doing fab, they are not leggy or even too tall to get snapped by the snow if we get any.  Makes you wonder what is in store for these little beauties!  Perhaps a new species of Broad Bean eating mouse!






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