Roasted Cauliflower ? Wreath with Sprouts ?

I do not normally write about my personal ‘personal’ life but my health has had a battering over the past three years, I am now recovering from a fourth operation & am nearly at the end of my two weeks bed rest followed by three months of no exercise….I am going to turn into a big massive fat weeble or the michilin man either is unappealing to me.  But, this also means no actual plotting which brings great sadness to my little life.  Winter is the best time to be up there because the majority of the other gardeners stay home (why is this ?  bit like getting a dog only for Christmas, there is so much you can do in the Winter & grow) so it is even more peaceful and beautiful on a sunny day.  I expect I will be able to go up there on Christmas Eve with The Husband to collect the Christmas dinner veg, this is one of our traditions.  Maybe in the New Year I will be able to sit on the decking for a spell but that will be dependant on the weather & how cold it is.  I also have no work until after Christmas, this sounds great but in reality four crap Christmas films in one day is a bit much for anyone surely!  Plus no pay for December, the month when everyone needs their money.

The Husband went to the plot  on Saturday and come back with a load of produce;  rude parsnips, red cabbage, two small cauliflowers, last of the tomatoes, peppers and some chillies.  We had a super dinner on Saturday night, we roast absolutely everything and we decided to try roast cauliflower it was absolutely yummy didn’t need as long as the onions, elephant garlic and parsnips but it was crunchy on the outside with a lovely baked cauliflower taste.  Well worth it.  I find rude veg hilarious:-

DSCF2677 DSCF2676


I must admit the bed rest is getting a bit much, so over two days I have sat at the kitchen table for a spell and made a wreath from some cuttings that The Husband got me, the cuttings included some fern leaves, my initial thought was how long will they last.  I should have gone with this thought because they went limp (now, don’t be rude) almost immediately.  However, I decided to leave them on there because they give it a different look to the norm – me normal never!   I also used a bag of Sprouts from Tescos.  Our Sprouts are too precious to use for such a thing.  The Husband doesn’t seem to be able to grow Sprouts, they are more like Peas!  Sorry Dear!  The Sprout tops are usually ok but you may recall the first one of this season was served with a caterpillar!  Talking of caterpillars we had some Kale last night, my experience of this has been completely ruined by My Cockwomble Husband!  I spent the whole meal checking the leaves for caterpillars, turns out there weren’t any but I did find some white eggs – yuck!


I am a short arse so I could only take a picture looking up at the wreath when it was hung on the front door, we have a step into the porch so the door is quite high.  Also couldn’t stretch to pull the fern leaves out at the top.  Job for The Husband.  Wonder how long it will last, hopefully a fat Pigeon wont feast on it!  We do have some bird feeders so fingers crossed!  I had some plastic Hellebores to put in it but they just looked sooooo plastic – really!!!  So they may be fit for the bin.  I am going to make a table decoration with some candles in it but need some more Sprouts, I will also try adding bit of Rosemary, Bay some Chillies and Shallots in this creation.  Although haven’t asked The Husband for his permission to use his precious Chillies….figured he will be at work so the decoration will be created in his absence!  Therefore it will be a masterpiece (lol, if only) so he will not want to ruin it.

My little babies are not happy about the ‘odd’ life we have at the moment.  I am not allowed to take them out unsupervised until the three months is up because they will pull from the car to the fields, not a lot but enough to set me back.  They are spending their days like this:-


From the 17th bed rest is over yipppeeeedooodaaahhhday!  I can do light duties so will be cooking some lovely veg dishes, wrapping some crimbo presents up and I am allowed to walk (no driving till the New Year) so I might spoil myself and walk to the local post office!  Such Fun.




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