Allotment treasure from the beach

Well, we have had some lovely treasure finds on the beach these past two weekends; huge pieces of drift wood.  These have been used as an edge to the bed with the wildlife pond in.  They look super and will act as a hiding place for some of the little creatures we hope are around.  My big creature – The Husband, however, has hardly been able to walk due to lumping the drift wood from the beach into MY car and then onto the plot, perhaps it is time to get a younger model ?

MY car not only has seaweed in it, it now has pieces of drift wood, gravel, sand, green slime and is absolutely full of dog hairs.  MY car is the car that is used for everything dirty (no not that, unfortunately!) Whereas, The Husband’s car still smells clean and looks newish.  Somehow, I think maybe this is not fair and I am owed a car clean ?  The Husband will not do it though, it will be taken to Tesco’s where some poor sod will freeze his hands off to clean out our muck.  We almost need a 3rd car for all this.  The worst part is I work in an office, can you imagine if I sat in some seaweed or had seaweed stuck to my heel, I would look a bit of a berk….no change there then.


The plot is keeping us as busy as ever.  We lost a dear allotment friend in July.  His plot was next to ours so we took it on.  It is an odd feeling but feels right.  The Husband is busy stripping the grass to make way for four huge beds to grow veg in.  I have been given a ‘postage stamp’ (apparently I am getting away with planting too many flowers!) bed just in front of the shed.  I have stuffed this full of bulbs and have planted our buddy’s first initial R in bulbs.  I do hope they grow and you can see the letter.  Bless him….miss him so much.


Our plot is still producing (as ever), we have Red Cabbage, three sorts of Kale, Savoy Cabbage, Parsnips, Beetroot, Mizuna, Pak Choi, Tomatoes, Courgettes & Chillies all being harvested at the moment.  The Broad Beans are about 4cms big, which hopefully means they will not be too leggy through the winter.  The green manure is also growing well.  No sign of the Garlic, but there has been a few cold days this past week, so hopefully we will see some growth soon.


Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, we sat on the decking drinking tea and munching snacks.  It is such a lovely place to be with the birds singing, sun shining and no work to go to.  We were the only ones up there which is often the case on a Saturday…..people too busy shopping I expect, what a waste of a glorious Winter’s day in fact what a waste of an allotment day by going shopping…. shop online in the dark, I say!

I sent a picture of my fabuloso Cosmos to Ktichen Garden and Gardeners World.  Gardeners World did not respond (perhaps I am too common?) but Kitchen Garden gave me the ‘Star Letter’, so Thank You to Kitchen Garden for liking my article enough to publish it.  Star Letter – made my day.


Cheerio for now.




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