Honey…..Dinner will be ready in 5…..Steamed Sprout Top with CATERPILLAR!!!!

OMFG I swear to god that if The Husband serves this dish to me one more time, I will punch him right in the face! Why can’t he wash veg ? This has happened a few times now; the ‘lovely’ dead steamed caterpillar is usually hidden in a curl of a kale leaf, but on no, not this one, it seemed to be sitting bolt upright looking at me, obviously it couldn’t because it had been steamed to death! On further investigation there was still caterpillar pooh at the base of the stems aaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhh. A question for The Husband ‘Would you like me to give you a step by step guide on how to wash veg ?’ if not the only other alternative is a punch, I am afraid, LOL, I expect you were too busy doing ‘everything’ and watching the water boil!

Rant over.

Red Cabbage YUM

Red Cabbage YUM



The plot is going really well, we have masses of produce at the moment: Chillies, Tomatoes, Peppers, Courgettes, Kale, Carrots, Beetroot and still beautiful tall cosmos. We have Amaranth and Quinoa drying in the poly tunnel.

I think we have five different types of Chillies. The Husband has become obsessed with making Chilli Sauce, he has made one out of Ghost Chillies and fooled me into tasting some….last time I will trust him, its a wonder I have any skin left in my mouth. He had an old work colleague around last night, they had a Chilli Sauce tasting session, his very own chilli fest. There were five different sauces to try, they had Such Fun.

Last Christmas the shed roof got blown off in the storm, we discovered this on Christmas Day and had to rebuild it on Boxing Day, needless to say it was done rather hastily. So, last weekend we decided to take the shed apart and move it to a new location on the plot & put it back together properly. It didn’t take too long and we have now decided that a greenhouse we were given will go in the space where the shed was as a potting shed. I have longed for a potting shed, save my kitchen! The kitchen worktops usually have no space left when we are planting seeds & of course as mentioned The Husband can’t wash veg, neither can he clean up after potting!

Let us hope it all goes back together!

Let us hope it all goes back together!

You can do some things then!

You can do some things then!

This weekend is all systems go for planting Garlic and Broad Beans,it so worth planting the Broad Beans now. We seem to get more than a later sowing and no black fly, which is a result in its self. We find winter onions a bit of a waste of time, they seem pretty hit and miss and are so cheap to buy with no taste difference. We will grow shallots though for yummy yummy pickled onions.

Huge Cosmos - grown from own seed

Huge Cosmos – grown from own seed



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