Nan’s Beetroot Chutney

Lovely day at the plot Saturday, I have to confess I actually didn’t do that much, just played flower arranging. I had so many cosmos and sweet peas, I gave away eight poseys. We grew four cosmos plants in the polytunnel, they are monster plants, 12ft tall, very bushy & the flowers are fantastic.

The Husband gets in a bit of tiz on an allotment morning, wanting to get up there as soon as possible, but there really is no need for him to stand around tapping his foot with his arms folded like who was it ? Sonic The Hedgehog ? Only he is not blue he is slowly turning crimson with rage! So, we were meant to get to the plot at 9.00am, we leave the house at 9.10am (not bad, considering I had a shower and everything – that is one of The Husband’s lines! He usually says ARE YOU HAVING A SHOWER AND EVERYTHING, what annoys me the most is the ‘everything’ WTF is that all about, what actually is ‘everything’ ?? Makeup and hair I presume, oh to be a bloke and not give a shit!) Get half way to the plot and say to The Husband ‘Have you got your wallet’ reply ‘NO, Have YOU got YOUR purse’. We had to turn round and arrived at tut plot at 9.40am oh dear!

We had a great harvest today: Beetroot, Carrots, Tomatoes, MORE Gherkins, Chillies, Kale (2 varieties), Runner Beans, Courgettes & Peppers. The Husband (Has some uses) roasted some Beetroot, Courgettes, Onions, Peppers (stuffed with rice, courgettes, tomatoes & spices) & Elephant Garlic. It was delicious, roast Beetroot is fabuloso, just roast it the same as a spud and peel it whilst it is on your plate. I grew some King’s Cylindrical Beetroot, which has grown to about 9cm long by 4cm wide. I planted this late so it has done really well, we ate it tonight for the first time (roasted) it is a tad sweeter than normal beetroot but there was no slug / woodlice damage at all, whereas with a normal Beetroot, the slugs have a good munch up or the woodlice have made a lovely little home, sometimes both!!

Root bed

Root bed

Root pickings

Root pickings

My Nan, bless her (She lives 186 miles away, I miss her greatly) gave me a recipe for Beetroot chutney, it is the nicest Chutney I have ever eaten and here is her handwritten recipe:-

I made a batch on Sunday, have to leave it for a couple of weeks before we can tuck in. It is dead easy and delicious. Thanks Nan. The chutney was easier than scanning the recipe, it took me 28 minutes to get the bloody thing in my blog, what with PDFs & pictures, in the end drag and drop worked! Mind you I could have typed it in a quarter of the time, but I wanted to put the handwritten version in the blog because Nan sent it to me in the post, bless. Enjoy cooking and eating if you have a go, don’t be alarmed your wee will be red if you eat too much!


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