Gherkins Galore

Well, it is the time of year when you either get no produce or tonnes of produce. Thanks to the lovely Badger we have no squashes. This year we decided to have a bash at growing Gherkins. When the poly tunnel was finally up, all the plants were very leggy and desperate to be planted. We had three Gherkin plants, all looked pathetic & tiny. These plants looked sick (as if slugs had completely sucked the life out of them) for about two weeks, then all of a sudden they took off, like they were possessed by maybe some type of Viagra pill! They have taken over the bottom of the poly tunnel, we have been harvesting them for a few weeks now. Last weekend The Husband picked around forty, we went up three days later and another ten! I expect there are few giant ones lurking somewhere ready for the kill. A large jar has been pickled and the rest are being eaten raw or in stir fries, some have been palmed off to grateful recipients….for now!

How many ???/

How many ???/

Yumbly Yumbly

Yumbly Yumbly

My Nan picked me up an excellent large hard back book from a car boot sale many years ago, it is a Readers Digest book and is called ‘Food from your Garden’. It is quite old but we use it more often than the new allotment recipe books we have purchased, it just has better recipes in, nowadays (gosh how old am I? Nowadays???) they add too many other ingredients and you end up not really tasting the veg. There is more to pickling Gherkins than you think, they have to be soaked in brine for 72 hours and then sit in heated spiced vinegar for 24 hours, reheat the vinegar, pour it back over the Gherkins and repeat this twice. Then after three months they are ready to eat. Lets hope they are tasty!

The tomatoes are just starting to ripen, they were planted late because of the holiday. I love tomatoes straight off the plant. The Husband is always moaning at me and telling me off for eating them off the plant. I cant help it, they are so yummy, isn’t that what they are grown for ?

We also picked up a Rum Pot recently, a new adventure. So far it has blackcurrants, white currants, red currants, strawberries, blueberries & two varieties of wild plums plus two bottles of Rum….it isn’t even half full. Can you imagine the drunken Christmas tipple we will have ?

We belong to an Association and I am a Committee member, we have our annual competition show coming up. This is great fun but feels a tad competitive. We both usually come away with something but this year I am not sure, what with Badger and wind / rain damage there isn’t that much going on. I grew five sunflowers this year, one really took off and was so huge I felt proud! However, it is now dead, was it murdered by a rival or was it the wind ? We shall never know !

I found an amusing caption the other day for the Allotment newsletter I do:-
Two gardeners have entered their potatoes in a vegetable show. One is declared the winner and swaggers over to boast of his success to the other gardener. ‘Not surprised I won, to be honest,’ he says. ‘I thought your potatoes were looking a bit on the small side. ‘That’s true,’ said the other gardener. ‘Mind you, I grew them to fit my mouth, not yours. LOL!

The biggest Sunflower I have grown

The biggest Sunflower I have grown

We will not be able to get in there soon!  Killer tomato plants!

We will not be able to get in there soon! Killer tomato plants!


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