B***** Badger!

Popped up the plot last night to do some watering. The carefully planted, sweetcorn and amaranth has been investigated by a b***** Badger. Not only that, about four squashes have been dug out and murdered. Typical, spaghetti squash which is one of my favourites. Obviously the fence was no barrier to the b***** Badger, not quite sure what we can do about it. Only a couple of the sweetcorn plants are damaged. We have lost around 35% of the amaranth.

We have plenty to harvest but no time left, we go away for a much needed holiday on Wednesday. Sunday will be our last ‘working’ day at the plot, I can imagine that The Husband will be like a man possessed….think I best keep quiet & stay out the way. Lets hope it doesn’t rain! That will be the rain that has been forecast every day since Monday, but so far has failed to fall out of the sky. Lots of watering needed by us.

I am growing some giant sunflowers for a bit of fun & bird food, I have three really good ones at the plot and three not so good ones at home. I did have three at home until last night, when a cocking cat dug one up. I am surrounded by pests (The Husband included) and cat poop. Someone save me!

I was so saddened this week when I found not one but two dead baby starlings in the pond. They didn’t have their wings and we think that maybe a magpie or jay raided their nest, there is no other explanation. The nest would not have been by the pond it is too close to the house. I feel so bad and wish I had been at home, it must have been a bit noisy, I can imagine the parents trying in vain to get their babies out. So sad.

Well that was a cheery paragraph!

Off to get my hair done today and not actually going to the plot after….amazgog. Wait for it, we, yes we are going shopping. Should be fun, I hope The Husband eats before he meets me! If not that will add to the bloke grumpiness of shopping! Such fun!


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