The question is will my Glastonbury virgin come home in one piece ?

My son of 22 has gone off to Glastonbury for his first time along with his lovely girlfriend. Needless to say I am a little worried. They are working up there and have been there since Tuesday. I have had one selfy off them with their tent, they arrived!

I am very close to my son and I love him dearly. He runs his own plumbing business and is doing really well.

He started to be a ‘lad’ quite young. I used to lie awake at night hoping he would come home ok. He has had a few fights which resulted in A & E on one occasion. I found out after the events when he was all patched up and hung-over. Then came the first lads holiday, we were on holiday at the same time, so worried I spoilt my holiday! I did not hear from him because he said he had no signal. On one of his ‘lads’ holidays he was a ‘star’ on ‘What really happens in Kavos’. My god he was completely hammered, hilarious, camp & rude. He was picked on in England when he got back, the builders really took the micky. I was a little embarrassed I must admit. It was whilst he was on one of these holidays that he text me to tell me he was moving out to live with one of his mates, he was so excited. I was a bit upset but he needed to move on and get on.

There was even more ‘fun’ to be had then, flat warming parties, no parents to keep happy, so the fun continued as did the constant worry. Then along came his new girlfriend, she was just a ‘friend’ at first. Now they live together, the party animal is there occasionally but not often.

When he got his first place he used to ask all sorts of questions about cooking etc. He was gobsmacked one day when he discovered that the microwave defrosts more than just chicken…it turned out he thought you could only defrost chicken, hmmmm no comment!

I do not see him very often anymore due to us both having work commitments and busy home lives. Bit sad I know. We went to dinner on Monday night and had a great time, it was great but as ever there is never enough time.

So, Glastonbury leaves me in a state of nervousness & constant worry. You hear so many things about this festival (God I am sooo old ‘this festival’, I make it sound like the plague). I am glad to say he has settled down a little with his girlfriend. I know they have to have their lives but I just hope nothing goes wrong and they just have a good time.

Son, if you can’t be good be careful, love you xxx

Christmas 2004 at Nans

Christmas 2004 at Nans

Me & My Boy - 2007

Me & My Boy – 2007

21st B'day - 2012

21st B’day – 2012


3 thoughts on “The question is will my Glastonbury virgin come home in one piece ?

  1. You should try not to worry. Despite what we have seen in the press over the past few weeks UK festivals are really very safe. Most including Glastonbury have a great vibe. The vast majority of people go to meet others with similar interests and to have a great time. Glastonbury is a bit too big for my taste but I spend the whole summer going from festival to festival and in all the years I have been doing so I have never seen any real trouble. Theft from tents etc can be an issue at some festivals but so long as one observes the same precautions that you would in town he will be fine. Big festivals like Glastonbury have lots of Police and security on duty so be assured he will be fine and will have a great time. 🙂


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