Mountains, walks, beer, tapas and relaxation

OMG we have ten days to go until we head up to Gatwick, for a night in The Hilton then off to sunny Spain for two glorious weeks. I think this is our fourth year on the trot to a most fabulous place in the Spanish mountains, it is off the beaten track, away from the coast and one hell of drive up a mountain, but it is worth it. The lady who owns the property is an excellent host and grows fruit and veg, which she leaves in a basket on your step. The starry nights are amazing, the views are breath taking, the walks are hard work but there is usually a bar or two involved! The link below is where we stay, we have the upstairs apartment called ‘The estrella’.

There is so much to do in those ten days, stuff to plant at tut plot, the Quinoa, Amaranth and some late Tomatoes and Chillies. I was in the front garden yesterday at 5.30am planting Cosmos, Geums & cuttings: Rosemary and Lavender. Amazingly I was still on time to leave the house for work.

More Broad Beans to harvest today, we also have Kale and New Potatoes ready. The Onions were harvested last week and have been left to dry out in the poly tunnel. I hope the human thief hasn’t been in there! Must buy padlocks before we go on holiday, sad world really. So far, over the years we have had the following stolen off the plot or out of the green house :-

6 Butternut Squashes
Tomatoes – most of them as they ripened were being taken – had to buy padlocks!
Whole crop of Gooseberries, netting had been undone and draped over the top of the bushes
Whole crop of Blueberries, same as the Gooseberry netting
Whole crop of Broad Beans

We have taken to harvesting before anything is completely ripe, this has so far ensured that we get the crops. How dare they take from us, all that effort and care for the crop to be enjoyed by a thief!

Best get in the kitchen, we will need a huge basket of food to get through today’s plotting!


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