What will I do with all these Broad Beans ?

Eat them! Minus the pods….my colleague commented the other day that they were a bit stringy. Bless her she hadn’t cooked them before and thought they were the same as runners. I cannot imagine how vial eating the pods would be. (The word pod makes me smile because up north it means your belly is bloated. Down South they think I am mad. The husband thinks I have made the word ‘wampy’ up!) How I love broad beans, we have picked two baskets so far, we still have about a basket to pick. A lot get frozen but some we eat, for my tea the other day I just had Broad Beans – delicious. Good with a little garlic and chorizo.



We have a super crop of Blueberries. The Husband recycled the old greenhouse; built a frame & covered it with netting. Maybe now, we will get a crop, being as the Blackbirds and Humans cannot get at them….unless the Squirrel works out how to get in!

Bring me sunshine

We have the usual weekend weather again. It has been glorious all week, but the sun forgot to come out yesterday and hasn’t made an appearance yet today. I expect by the time we get up the plot it will be chucking it down!!!


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