How does your garden grow ?

Blimey Tuesday morning already, so much going on and so little precious time.  Spent Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday at the allotment, extremely hot on Sunday.  Planted dahlias, cosmos, marigolds & honesty.  I have grown all from my own seed apart from the dahlias, which have also been grown from seed but a garden centre packet.  Talking of garden centres I ordered my sweet peas from a garden centre called Dobies of Devon, .  100% germination on all four varieties.  I am growing a new one which is absolutely stunning and is blue as it states. This is called ‘Tutankhamun’ it is very dainty and reputed to have been found in Tutankhamun’s tomb!
The pond is doing it’s bit at the moment. it is full of tadpoles and newts.
I also have the best Canterbury bells I think I have ever grown.
The husband planted his squashes, runner beans and peas….always manages to snap a squash which is usually our favourite. I love a sweet dumpling….no not The Husband a squash! Spaghetti squash is absolutely delicious. Once baked you scrape out the insides and fry with a little olive oil and garlic, it is yummy.
We were both shattered yesterday and I actually nodded off at my desk, my head lolled forward so much it hurt my neck…this will not do!
I was surprised at the weekend because my mind was telling me that we were still in the ‘hungry gap’. This is not so we have masses of produce on the go and ready to harvest: New potatoes, broad beans, onions, garlic, elephant garlic, chard, lettuce, mizuna, dill….& so much more nearly ready, just no time to eat it all. A work colleague told me (seriously) I was fat on Friday and that if I started swimming I may lose some weight and get back in shape…what a cheek, obviously he is an absolute stunner – NOT!!! So I may just have to eat lettuce.


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