Dog Poop

Right I am going to rant: I have a grass verge outside my house just in front of the car.  This is used by local residents as a toilet for their dogs….What is their god damn problem ????  If you are going to walk your dog around the block for goodness sake pick up the poop. 

Incident one:  Gardening away I look up to see a youth with a dog, nice dog but I could see that he was using the ‘toilet’.  The youth bent down and picked it up.  However, I decide to check, I went to where the dog was and sure enough the cheeky git had PRETENDED to pick it up.  I was furious and called him back offering him a poo bag which he took and cleared up with a grumble after I told him he could get a hefty fine.

Incident two:  Yesterday – pulled up outside my house after walking the dogs and there is a guy in front of the house with three dogs on the verge.  I just glared at him and he tried to hurry away.  I got out of the car and sure enough there was a fresh poo.  I shouted after him asking if he had forgot his poo bags and told him I clear up after my dogs and to clear it up now.  He grumbled but did.

Must say have been a tad nervous on both occasions in case the windows got put through….probably not wise for a mad old bat to have a go in the street like that but hey ho what right do they have outside my house just where I have to walk to get into the car.

This really does pee me off, it gives good dog owners bad names….Do people really not give a S*** anymore?

Tired Baba

Tired Baba

Such a hard day !

Such a hard day !


One thought on “Dog Poop

  1. Well, Suzie Wong – good to get it off your chest I imagine. Nothing wrong with a bit of well-directed righteous anger I say. and it certainly had good results! I think its the only way as hanging around for dog warden to report the miscreant is futile.

    He probably won’t use a poo bag in future (but I bet he won’t let his dogs do it outside your house.

    From a sympathiser.


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