A Man & his BBQ

The last day of May saw our first Allotment BBQ of the year; due to storm damage we had to buy a new BBQ.  This took The Husband at least an hour to put together it was quite amusing, fiddly tiny nuts and washers, he kept putting the legs on the wrong way round.  I managed to sit and have a coffee and do some work before he even had the legs on I was quite surprised because there wasn’t that much swearing, perhaps this is because he is after all ‘King of the Barbeque’.

The Husband got enough BBQ meat to feed a family of four.  You think I am kidding?  The pork chop alone would have fed two adults. His mission on Friday lunchtime was to walk to a local Butcher and buy the meat, I can imagine him charging along on his special mission, he was so happy about it when he got home from work (a woman couldn’t do it of course!).  I could not eat it all I know I’ve got a little plump over the years but there was too much food.  We also had some home grown barbequed sweet corn from last year it is absolutely delicious.

We certainly put a shift in yesterday.  The Husband planted Kale, broccoli and cauliflowers and I planted my sweet peas.   (flowers on an allotment surely not). 

The planting has started in the poly tunnel, two tomatoes have given up, you can feel the heat from the tunnel when you walk past the door.  My only hope is that we can keep it watered enough. We go away in July so it is a lot of work for the poor old father-in-law.  I have some fantastic growth in my seed bed, the parsnips, carrots and beetroot look like they are going to be a super crop.

Most odd thing I saw yesterday buried in the top of a sweet pea plant was four shelled monkey nuts…I showed The Husband but for whatever reason I didn’t take a picture, I planted these seeds in March we think it must have been a squirrel or maybe a mouse they will be disappointed when they go back for them.

We had sunshine on and off yesterday and guess what by the time we sat down for the BBQ I needed a flipping coat!!!! Typical!  Think today is going to be cloudy after 10.00am so we shall see, got a lot of weeding to do and some sweet peas left over have to find somewhere to put them and I want to sow some more root crops….I feel I will run out of time, wish I could go now



The BBQ King

The BBQ King

Sweet peas

Sweet peas

The tunnel

The tunnel


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