And we have……

A complete poly tunnel ! God grief that was hard work, the worst part was stretching it so the cover was tight but we did it 🙂 The funniest part was when the husband stepped back fell over back wards onto the floor and passed wind (best type it politely), I laughed so much I cried. He had screws in his mouth (why ? is that a man thing ? why would you hold a screw in your mouth ??? it is there for fine wine and chocolate not screws!) so it was a little dangerous. Nevertheless I laughed a lot!

Got a bit of sunburn amazing it is sunny at the weekend. The root veg seedlings have all germinated so we have beetroot, parsnips and carrots on the go. Took all my flowers (cosmos, hour flower, bergamont and several others all bee friendly flowers, bergamont is a herb which bees love) out of the greenhouse to harden them off (what an expression!) this morning. I have decided to just leave them out even over night but must remember to check the forecast.

My front garden looks amazgog it is full of bee friendly flowers such as fox gloves, poppies, Canterbury bells are just about to flower. We took the lawn up last year with the intention of gardening for wildlife and it seems to be working but so do the weeds! The pond is full of newts and I have a bird feeder, log pile, bug houses.

The dogs have been down the road and all went into a bog, so they smell lovely. Looking after the in-laws Jack Russell feisty little bugger he is seeing my two big dogs off their own bed, very amusing indeed.


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