Is it really that boring ????

Finally we have some sunshine and warmth. Took the dogs out at 5.20am this morning it was delightful with the sun coming up and the birds singing. The boxer wasn’t delightful when she shook and spit went flying all through the air!

All set for the polytunnel cover to go on at the weekend. Most probably Saturday which is the best forecast at the moment. Going up there tonight after work to see how the beetroot, parsnips and carrots are getting on. The beetroot germinated within a week. The broad beans are in full flower they got a bit battered by the wind but hopefully they will survive. The elephant garlic, garlic and onions all look yummy and are growing really well. On the decking I am growing mizuna, dill, radish, lemon coriander, garlic chives and spring onions. Never grown dill or lemon coriander from seed before so it will be interesting.

How I wish I could spend the day at the allotment or in the garden instead of an office, talking of work better go…..until next time if my blog ever gets read!!! Is gardening boring ????


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