Raining really in England in May !!

Well that is it for the weekend then as far as gardening goes! I suppose as a gardener I should be grateful but it needs to rain during the week only and dry at the weekend. I can almost see the weeds growing. I expect the slugs are having a super time.

We have so much going on and ready to be planted be glad when the end of May arrives so that we can start planting out. The plan for the weekend was to get the cover on the poly tunnel but with the wind that would be damn near impossible and it needs to be sunny and warm so that the plastic expands. Time is running out the tomatoes & cucumbers are ready to go and need planting on into the tunnel before they get too leggy. Hopefully next weekend will be better.

My dogs love the rain it seems to send the Boxer wampy, she just goes off on one which is hilarious. She also thinks she is a lap dog and a scarf she can perch herself on the back of the sofa around your neck. She is quite a big dog so it can get uncomfy. My other dog is a boxer roti cross she is the oldest and a little baby, she has arthritis and is on steroids she is constantly hungry poor girl.




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