Dig gardening

Don’t you just love the site of that first seedling emerging…..or are you a lazy gardener like me and have planted them in coir pellets?  I discovered these pellets last year, they are excellent for flower seeds.
I was a tad nervous to go out into the garden on Saturday morning we have two greenhouses one full of veg seeds the other full of flowers but one greenhouse heater.  Guess where the heater was Friday night?  The veg greenhouse!  I could see frost on the roof of the cars but none in the garden.  Did go to a garden centre to buy another one yesterday but they have doubled in price & figured it is not too late to sow again.  I have nursed them though so I will be sad if there are any casualties

I garden at an allotment and at home, we have a 15 rod plot and a large garden at home, the back has given way to veg and the front is a wildlife garden – that’s my excuse anyway!  (joke carefully planted).  If the veg is not in season we do not buy it what is point of eating a tomato or carrot that you cannot taste?  Local grown produce is not as bad as the supermarkets but nevertheless growing your own is tops for taste

We lost a greenhouse in the storms and have replaced that with a second-hand poly tunnel, The Husband is working hard to get it ready in time for planting.  We had to take it down just the two of us, it took six hours the worst part was the polythene.  It was trenched and took some digging out.  When we got just after half way on the last bit I gave it one almighty tug (in my temper!) and it all come out in one go (soil had been loosened I am not a she hulk), how we cheered – are we sad?  We were shattered when we got home.   Not looking forward to putting the polythene on, it is so heavy and so big

Asparagus tis the season to stuff yourself ?  Not on our plot it isn’t!  The Husband lovingly prepared a huge raised bed, we were given some crowns and he grew some from seed last year.  The crowns were planted last spring and the seeds which had fresh growth were planted a few weeks ago.  To our horror all the new seedlings disappeared and the crowns from last year were being nipped off and discarded.  First thought was slugs (although if it was slugs nothing would have remained but had to try) that didn’t work so I built a barricade of wire, net and poles just to see if  it was birds or squirrels (found a few monkey nut shells in there).  We now have some asparagus in just under one week, cant be harvested but we will be prepared next year.  Our biggest stem is about 5cm our neighbour has asparagus that is around 60cm big, it is on open ground and they are the same crowns we were given!
Just done three days in a row on the plot, mixed bag of weather hot one minute biting cold next. Planted some root veg seeds. The poly tunnel is ready for the polythene hopefully next weekend. Did lots of weeding; had to have a word with ones self because I was weeding away and I spotted a 1/4 of a monkey nut shell, in it was a curled up slug, for a split second I thought arh that’s cute!  Cute a slug I truly think I am going bonkers


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